TuffSkin is a proprietary stone laminate created to end the age-old problem of natural stone tops being damaged with regular use. Marble, Onyx, limestone and even some engineered stones are calcium based and react to acidic elements by becoming hazy & losing their luster or staining from red wine, coffee or other products we use daily. Exotic stones like the above, create a timeless, elegant look and for hotel properties or homes, the desire for natural stone is at an all-time high. TuffSkin eliminates the issue of keeping counter tops clean & looking fantastic day in and day out. TuffSkin was developed in the demanding environment of Las Vegas casinos and is available worldwide

Discover The Benefits

TuffSkin Surface Protection solves the marble etching and staining challenges in the hospitality industry and the commercial and residential markets. TuffSkin does what traditional stone sealers have never been able to achieve. Use the stone you want, TuffSkin provides the protection you need.

What Is TuffSkin

TuffSkin is a proprietary stone laminate, made from high-tech polyester that is gas permeable but liquid impermeable. Our hard coat technology resists scratching and provides a long product life. TuffSkin adhesive is designed specifically to work with stone.